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Will Your Business Survive Life’s Ups & Downs?

I hope you watched Kelly's Big Tree Income: Day One Video about being stuck trading dollars for hours. It's only 4 minutes long and well worth the watch. Today's video is obvious by the title of this post I guess lol Well, will your business survive? It's a question I've asked myself many … Read Full Article

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stuck trading dollars for hours

Big Tree Income Course

Kelly's been teasing us for a few weeks with this Big Tree Income course. As an affiliate I was told it was coming out, but still didn't know all the details. Once again, she's nailing it out of the park. I was part of the whole "build more sites in lots of … Read Full Article

Still Learning

Life is a learning curve. I can plan the hell out of everything, but I'm also quick to drop things where family is concerned. In this case, I've dropped the ball this year as I deal with the health changes after my hysterectomy and these old kids. Where … Read Full Article